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Welcome To Our Emporium!

Welcome to Sweet Expressions! We are a magical wonderland nestled in the heart of heart of downtown Denville. Sweet Expressions first opened it’s doors over 30 years ago and was homed a few doors down in a cozy little space. Since our talented and endlessly creative team of chocolatiers, merchandise buyers, customer service specialists and Foodies’ team are constantly striving to bring you the best of all that’s sweet and more, we needed to more room therefore moved into the historical movie theater a few doors down! We truly are the sweetest shop for every occasion!

All That's Sweet & More!

Everything about our candy land emporium is super sweet! From sweet chocolates, sweet cookies, sweet strawberries, sweet nuts, sweet old fashioned candy, sweet apples, we have it all!! If you can’t find the “Sweet” you’re looking for, have no fear! We will do our best to accommodate your needs and freshly bake you a homemade dessert recipe just for you!

Cook With Us!

From basic knife skills to becoming Beef Bourguignon experts, The Foodies’ Cooking School has the class for you! Our 3+ hour classes are primarily hands on with our master chefs teaching unique tips and tricks of the trade. Guests will be divided up into small groups with all hands on deck, equally participating in creating every dish.

After every dish is finished, everyone gathers around the bar to taste each creation, fill up on delicious cocktails and return back to their work stations for more cooking! Running the courses in this fashion ensures opportunity to ask the chefs any questions or suggestions as they arise, along with keeping those stomaches nice and full to produce more energy and keep us motivated to cook all night! We wrap up each course by discussing the overall Foodies’ experience and any left overs will be packaged up to be brought home with you to enjoy! Foodies Cooking School is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to cook new dishes, master culinary techniques, share kitchen stories and make new friends!

The Sweetest Blog!

Uncork & Unwind!

I’m A Hybrid, I Run On Chocolate & Wine! Who’s With me?! Previous Next What could be better than a glass of red wine alongside a succulent dark chocolate raspberry cream? How about eating the chocolate right off the wine bottle itself?! Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? However, it’s mad delicious as well! Design

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Sweet Caramel Life

“Through Thick And Thin, Caramel Will Always Be There For You!” “Sticky and Sweet, you’re surely in for a Treat!” Our Caramel Options we offer are as follows: Assorted Gift Boxes of All Flavored Caramels Chocolate Dipped Caramel ApplesVanilla CaramelsVanilla Bourbon CaramelsSea Salted CaramelsSea Salted Caramel PretzelsSea Salted Caramel OreosCashew & Pecan TurtlesCaramel Filled Chocolate

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