1970's Retro Candy Gift Bundle


Enjoy candy of the 70's in this nostalgic mix. This 'far out' collection of sweets is sure to knock you right off your platform shoes and back into the 70's, a decade where bicycles had banana seats and everyone did the Hustle. You had a lava lamp that matched the shag carpet in your bedroom and chilled out on a bean bag chair to catch episodes of Charlie's Angels. Star Wars was the coolest film you'd seen to date, and disco dancing was the biggest craze. 


  • 1970's Nostalgic Candy Mix
  • A flashback in candy form
  • Includes Pop Rocks, Razzles, Fun Dip, Atomic Fireball, more
  • Favorites from the 70's like Zotz, Swedish Fish, Bubblicious
  • Candy sizes vary and may contain allergens such as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and milk. 8 oz.
  • Great for nostalgic 70's-themed displays.

Additional Information:

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