DIY Chocolate Kit Instructions

DIY Chocolate Kit Instructions

Looking for a sweet holiday weekend activity?! Get yourself one of our DIY Chocolate Making Kits exclusively released at Sweet Expressions. With the right ingredients and step-by-step instructions, you can make many of the beautiful gourmet treats that are sold here at Sweet Expressions!

What you'll need:

  • Melting Chocolate (compound chips recommended)
  • Large Heat Safe Bowl
  • Ladle, Spoon, Spatula (your desired choice of tools)
  • Chocolate Mold (optional)

  • Melting Instructions:

    1. Get yourself a bag of Merckens chocolate melting chips conveniently sold at our shop and place in a heat-safe bowl. (No more than 1 lb of chocolate at a time for best results)
    2. Microwave: Using 50% power, melt the chocolate for 30-second intervals while stirring in between each round until chocolate becomes a smooth liquid. (Roughly about 2-3 minutes in total)
    3. Stove Top: Using a double boiling system, melt the chocolate on low heat while continuously stirring until chocolate becomes a smooth liquid.
    4. Using a ladle or alternative desired tools, pour the melted chocolate into the mold cavity or tray depending on what is being made and tap lightly to release any air bubbles in the chocolate mold.
    5. For Lollipops: Insert lollipop sticks into the intended stick cavity and make sure to coat all sides of the stick with chocolate. (helpful tip: add an extra dollop of chocolate on top after inserting the lollipop stick to ensure no cracks on the finished lollipop)
    6. Then place your creation in a refrigerator, or wine cooler preferably for roughly 3-7 minutes to allow the chocolate to cool and mold into its new shape.
    7. Ta-Da! You've made your own chocolatey creation!

    Helpful Tips:

    • Beware not to overheat the chocolate or burnt crystals will instantly form and ruin the chocolate.
    • Make sure no water droplets fall into your melted chocolate or the water will seize the chocolate and cause lumps and blooming. (Blooming is when chocolate is exposed to too much condensation which causes the chocolate to turn a cloudy white color)