Travel through our magical, edible wonderland to find the most unique gifts and sweets for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day season! Don’t be a slow poke! 😉 Make sure to call us early and place your Freshly Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberry orders so your request will be honored for February 14th! Explore a sneak peek of what’s in stock this year at Sweet Expressions in the photos at the bottom of this page.

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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Box Options:

12 Berries in a Shiny Red Box $42.99
8 Berries in a Gold or Pink Specialty Box $28.99
4 Berries in a Perfect Pink Box $15.99
Beautiful Box of Bite Sized Berries $29.99

Sweet Berry Assortment Box:
(2 Raspberry Cups, 2 Blueberry Cups & 2 Strawberries) $23.99




Dark Chocolate


Milk Chocolate

Signature Heart Gift Boxes

Choose from our wide selection of Heart Boxes filled with our gourmet chocolates. Each piece has been hand-picked by our sweet fairies to satisfy your every bite! Grand Heart Assortment: $44.99 Grand Heart of Truffles: $44.99 Large Heart Assortment: $32.99 Large Heart of Truffles: $32.99 Medium Heart Assortment: $16.99 Medium Heart of Truffles: $16.99 Small Heart Assortment: $11.99 Small Heart of Truffles: $11.99
Valentine's Day 2020

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