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What could be better than a glass of red wine alongside a succulent dark chocolate raspberry cream? How about eating the chocolate right off the wine bottle itself?! Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it? However, it’s mad delicious as well!

Design and be-dazzle the sweetest bottle of wine today by having our chocolatiers hand dip you a bottle in our creamy, rich chocolate then drizzled and decorated for any desired theme or holiday!

The idea of chocolate-dipped bottles came from a craving for a more extravagant look and taste of the standard hostess gift of “a bottle of wine”. Why not indulge in an extra sweet treat after you finish the wine by eating the outside of the bottle too!

  One might ask how we do this? Well, it’s a brilliantly sweet process if you ask us. First, we disinfect the desired bottle the customer provides us and heat seal the bottle with a long piece of ribbon attached. Next, we generously dip the bottle in the chosen flavor of chocolate up to the bottle’s neck, drizzle with opposite flavor chocolates for an elegant contrast effect and then sprinkle with fancy edible decors such as pearls, non-pareils, jimmies, glitter, gems or all the above! To crack the chocolate off the bottle, simply pull the ribbon away and watch the masterpiece crumble into perfectly bite-sized pieces for all to enjoy! 

 Another way to go is to skip the wine all together and have us craft you a life-size version of a hollow chocolate wine bottle. Our sizes vary from a 12 oz. bottle to a 1.5L bottle and decoration options are the same as the above-mentioned choices!

Discover the unlimited sweet styles of chocolate dipped wine bottles just around the corner at Denville’s favorite local candy shop, Sweet Expressions by Geri!

  For more insight on wine and chocolate, look  for our upcoming Foodies wine tasting and pairing class on Chocolate and Wine pairings on October 8th conducted by the lovely Gabi Lombardi, owner of one of Hoboken’s best Italian restaurant and wine bar’s, Sorellina’s! Further information about this course will be posted by the end of the month so be sure to check out our social media for updates about the October cooking class schedule!


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