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Fun Fact:
“Lollipops” got their name from a famous racehorse in the 1900’s called Lolly Pop!”

Whether you’re looking for unique shapes/designs, animals, sports, transportation, party themes, television characters, holidays, etc. we most likely have everything you need and so much more! Ask one of our associates about our never-ending collection of chocolate lollipop molds that help us produce all different creations! If we don’t have it, we will try our best to handcraft something just for you!

Chocolate Lollipops

candy lollipops


From hand-carved items to large 3D molds, our chocolatiers are regularly producing and brainstorming new ideas to provide the most unique chocolate gifts for any occasion! With the help of our decadent sprinkles, sugar decors, edible shimmers/glitters and talents of our chocolatiers, your next personalized chocolate gift is waiting for you

Chocolate is magnificent on it’s own but what takes it to the next level is stuffing these chocolate molds and other creations with scrumptious fillings. Similarly to the rest of our products, our “Stuffed” product line is on a constant rotation of flavors as we conduct experiments like chocolate scientists in the kitchen creating new combinations and recipes daily! That being said, our signature flavors that we promise to always carry are; Regular Caramel, Sea Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow Creme, Coconut Creme, Raspberry Creme & Nutella!


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