"Have No Fear, Sugar-Free & Allergy Free Options Are Here!"

Everyone deserves to experience the toothsome feeling of biting into a delicious piece of chocolate. Why let allergies or other health concerns prevent you from enjoying sweet treats when there are alternative options?! From sugar-free chocolates and candy to all allergy-free items, we at Sweet Expressions by Geri promise to satisfy your taste buds.

"Chocolate Is cheaper than therapy & you don't need an appointment!"

Sugar Free

We carry various sugar-free chocolate and candy brands in our shop to provide a wide selection of goodies. During the holiday seasons, we will hand craft novelty sugar-free chocolate items in our factory room by custom orders only so place your orders early during those seasons to ensure on-time delivery.

Peanut Free

“Skips” is thew brand of peanut-free chocolate that we carry which is manufactured and packed in a completely nut-free facility. This company is one of our favorites because they provide us with novelty and holiday chocolate lollipops that are the same molds our store produces to ensure allergy-prone individuals aren’t left out of all the sweet fun!

All Allergy Free

“Taza” and “No Whey” are two companies that we feel have the highest quality products for all dietary restricted needs while keeping the heavenly taste of gourmet chocolate. Both are Peanut/Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free, Dairy/Soy Free and Egg Free. All products are kept in their original packaging to ensure safety fro potential airborne allergies.

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