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Oh, the joy of Holidays at Sweet Expressions By Geri!

There are two types of people in this world; Bah Humbug Scrooges or those over the top -holiday decorations up in October kinds of people. Here at Sweet Expressions, we will go over the top and exceed expectations. You can certainly expect to find the friendliest, “Buddy The Elf” -like Oompa Loompas the industry has ever seen when you meet our team around the holiday season!

If you’re ready to explore hundreds of sweet gift options that we carry for every holiday season, then you must come to visit our shop for all your table setting favors, gifts, dessert trays/platters and so much more! 

The chocolate and candy industry believes that the #1 most popular holiday is Halloween with over 90 million pounds of production sold the last week of October per year. However, our statistics in our shop shows that Halloween is just the kick-off to the busiest “Season” of the year which is all of Autumn leading up to New Years! In other words, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas together make up our largest production time of the year. Our chocolatiers are hard at work pumping out thousands of Pilgrims, Rudolph statues and Santas of course! That is only the beginning of the number of chocolate lollipops, novelties, candy case, 3D statues, baked goods and more that is manufactured upstairs in our kitchens to provide top of the line holiday products.

Along with the busiest season, there is also something to be said about Valentine’s Day at Sweet Expressions by Geri. Being the most last-minute holiday of the year creates the #1 busiest day of the year for us! We highly encourage our customers to order ahead of time during the month of February due to the highest volume of strawberry dipping we encounter that week. We need to make sure every order receives the most beautiful and freshest strawberries right on time for the most romantic night! We take special thought and care into not only the berries themselves but also the perfect packaging to present the berries, therefore we supply an abundance of box options; colors, size, shape, etc.

Last but certainly not least, Easter also needs recognition in our shop for the amount of 3D Chocolate bunnies that are manufactured and sold during the spring season. Yet another holiday where we highly suggest ordering ahead of time to make sure you receive the exact style bunny desired. With our hundreds of different bunny characters, there is a delicious bunny for everyone! Whether it be a classic sitting rabbit, an extra chubby adorable baby bunny or animated bunnies who snowboard, surf, etc. you’ll surely find the most ideal style rabbit for all your loved ones’ Easter Baskets!

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