Chef Of The Month!

This September, Our Sweet Spotlight Shines On...

Erik Laracuente!

Meet our talented Foodies chef, Erik Laracuente! Erik has been with FoodiesSE for over two years now and has become famously known for his extraordinary talents in the kitchen. With previous experience of being a head chef at local health food bars, Erik has proven his expertise and knowledge when it comes to health inspired recipes and all things seafood and tropical flavors which is why his cooking classes sell out so fast, creating such a high demand for more of his classes! His favorite courses to teach are Pasta classes, Seafood classes and Fresh Mozzarella/Italian classes.

Erik’s career inspiration comes from his grandmother. He truly thanks her for having always been his number one inspiration for everything. As he says it, “She was the best ever!!!” Erik has some big goals for his future, his main goal is being able to build and run his own catering business! 

We asked Erik what cooking tips he has to share with our customers and his tip of the day is:

“Using fresh herbs as much as possible makes all the difference!!!”

Take a look at Erik’s upcoming cooking classes this fall at Foodies Cooking Studio, you won’t be disappointed!


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