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Kopper's Chocolate!

Kopper’s Chocolates is one of our most trusted distributors and has been bringing the world delicious chocolate treats for over 80 years!! The co-founders of the company were Fred “Pappi” Stern and David Kopper and they were some of the most talented innovators the industry has ever seen. Combining old world sensibilities and new world technologies, together they created a tremendously successful company with  state of the art confections!

In the 70’s, the owner, Pappi, handed over the reins to his son in law Harold Alexander and wife Lorie, who refocused the company to better panning chocolate and becoming the best panner of chocolate in the world! By the mid 90’s, the world saw Kopper’s Chocolates being handed down to the family’s 3rd generation individuals and even though we see that the company had sold and moved to New Jersey in the most recent years, the original family’s traditions and recipes are living on with the successful company we all know and love today!

Being the first company to ever make Kosher items, lentils, liquid centered cordials and the first to combine chocolate and coffee with their mocha beans, (which is the best combination ever!) the company took off like a rocket from the beginning! Let’s not forget to mention that Kopper’s is also the genius behind the chocolate covered gummi bear idea! What a hit that was! From milk, dark to white chocolate, we at Sweet Expressions carry all these items from Kopper’s, it’s certainly a must “taste!”

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Kopper's Chocolates is one of our most trusted distributors and is known for their succulent cordials, espresso beans, nuts and more! Come check out our fully stocked selection of holiday Kopper's items today!
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